Appointments, Vacations, & Homework

Requesting homework

To request homework or books please call the Attendance Office:  446-0180 ext. 7143.

Teachers will not get homework ready unless a child has been absent for 3 consecutive days.  You can check the teacher’s web page, assignments will be there. You can also call a classmate.  Homework can be picked up in the Attendance Office at the end of the day.


Parents need to write a note or call the attendance office.  Passports will be filled out for the students to leave class.  Students will sign out in the attendance office.  They can then be picked up by the glass doors.  After students return from their appointments they need to check back in with the Attendance Office.  Students need to bring a school excuse after they return to school. No bills please.  School excuses may be faxed to 446-0189.


Parents need to provide a note to the Attendance Office. No phone calls please.  The Attendance Office will fill out a vacation form for the students.  The students will take it around to their teachers to sign.  After teachers sign the form the parents will sign the form.  Students will bring to the Attendance Office after form is complete.